Verdikt studios

From the heart of Syracuse, New York, Verdikt Studios curates an awe-inspiring portfolio of accomplishments that resonate with excellence. Journey through a symphony of chart-topping singles and monumental collaborations, as our studio cements its indisputable position at the forefront of the music industry. But we’re not just crafting hits; we’re carving a space for artists and entrepreneurs, offering a platform that redefines possibilities.

At Verdikt Studios, we’ve elevated creativity to an art form, seamlessly merging creative direction, digital marketing finesse, and unparalleled analytical prowess. This fusion empowers businesses with insights that fuel informed decisions, shaping advertising campaigns that are not just impactful, but transformative.

Our company’s heartbeat lies in its mastery of seizing opportunities within the music industry, a gift nurtured through an intricate web of networks and connections. With our dedicated team steering the ship, we’ve honed strategies that don’t just amplify visibility, but ignite brilliance. Our success stories aren’t just stories; they’re anthems of value-added to artists and businesses alike.

So, if you’ve been seeking that gateway to excellence, to a world where innovation and success intertwine, look no further than Verdikt Studios. Join us as we redefine boundaries, revolutionize industries, and invite you to a journey where creativity knows no limits and possibilities are limitless. Experience the intrigue, seize the moment, and make your move with Verdikt Studios, where brilliance thrives.


The CEO and Founder’s commitment to pushing boundaries and nurturing both talent and ideas has not only shaped our success but also the very essence of what we stand for..


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our team

Our Team: Names and Departments

Welcome to Verdikt Studios LLC, where innovation thrives at the intersection of music and technology. To ensure your interactions with us are genuine, please refer to the list below for the names and departments of our team members. If you encounter anyone claiming affiliation with us who is not on this list, please alert us immediately. Your assistance in upholding our commitment to quality and security is greatly appreciated.

Team Members:

  1. Jesp Smith – Marketing and Branding
  2. Alex Johnson – Music Production
  3. Dre Jackson – Director of Technology & Music Operations
  4. Mia Davis – Customer Engagement
  5. Noah Wilson – Finance and Operations
  6. Lily Taylor – Creative Content
  7. Richard Harris -Talent Scout
  8. Sophia Reed – User Experience (UX) Design
  9. Ethan Carter – Software Development
  10. Olivia Martinez -Talent Scout
  11. Liam Anderson – Sales and Partnerships
  12. Ava White – Event Coordination
  13. Justin Johnson – Data Analytics
  14. Chloe Adams – Social Media Management
  15. Leo Garcia – Technical Support
  16. Yesi Loone – Music & Merchandising Placements
  17. Myke Sims – Fashion Designer and Stylist
  18. Jordan “RUBBiE Ingram – Radio Personality Host- California
  19. Jamal ‘Sevinth” Williams – Talent Scout

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