What marketing methods do you use?

We use the same methods as major record labels to expose your music to potential fans across the world. Our services include target marketing , social media influencer marketing, worldwide marketing, streaming promotion, music video promotion, TV exposure and much more.

How do I get the help I really need?

Book 1 hour consultation to speak one on one with our experts on your next steps.

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Yes, we encourage you to do our Test Run which is only $75.00. We will run a worldwide campaign to fans that wants your sound!

I live in another state, can we still work?


How do I get paid shows?

Set up a consultation with one of our highly trained representatives to put you in position to prepare you to get paid for your talents.

I’m ready to sit down with a label what should I do first?

We encourage you to do 1 on 1 consultation before purchasing labeling meeting.

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As we all know everything happens in steps. After evaluation we will guide you step by step in all applies to get you to next level.

How much money do I need to spend to see results?

It all depends on what type of results your looking for. Spending the minimum $75.00

How can I perform? I want to open for your major artists?

This is major exposure for any opening act to perform in packed venue. We have to QC the music and once approved there will be a booking fee to secure your slot.

I need help with my image and branding. What service should I purchase?

You will purchase 1 on 1 consulting.

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Yes, we work with companies all the time we encourage you to purchase target marketing.

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Yes, we have a In-House call center dedicated to code calls and our turnover is 78% we encourage you to purchase call center. Other services that applies: E-Blast, Worldwide target marketing under Business.